This photograph of the USS Midway (CV-41), turning into the wind and preparing to launch aircraft, was taken in 1955. Midway later underwent extensive modifications at the Bremerton Navy Yard from 1955 to 1957. The original straight deck (seen in this photo) was removed and an angled deck installed, along with steam catapults and other modernizations. Midway was launched too late to join the battles of World War Two, but saw action in Vietnam. Midway was decommissioned in 1992 and is now a museum in San Diego Bay and open for visitors daily.

USS Midway

My Career in the United States Navy

The Chief
John Sheldon Perilloux
Chief Data Processing Technician
United States Navy

Enlisted in the U. S. Navy, 5 Feb 1952 as Airman Recruit (HSAR)

Feb '52 - May '52   Naval Recruit Training Center, San Diego, CA
Company 52-137

May '52 - Promoted to Airman Apprentice (HSAA)

26 May 1952 - 24 Oct 1952  Naval Air Technical Training Center, Norman, OK
26 May 1952-18 Jul 1952 - AN "P" School
21 Jul 1952-24 Oct 1952 - AD "A" School

Nov '52 - Promoted to Aviation Machinist's Mate Airman (ADAN)

Nov '52 - Jun '54  NAAS Whiting Field, Milton, FL
Basic Training Unit 1-North
flying SNJ-5 and SNJ-6 aircraft.

Jun '54 - Mar '56  Fighter Squadron 12 (VF-12)
NAS Cecil Field - Jacksonville, FL
flying F2H-2 Banshees

Squadron Nickname - The Flying Ubangis
Squadron Insignia - The Kiss of Death

Presidential Unit Citation

Nov '54 - Promoted to Aviation Machinist's Mate 3rd Class (AD3)

28 Dec 1954 - Departed Mayport, Florida with Fighter Squadron 12 and Carrier Air Group One (CVG1) aboard the USS Midway (CVA-41). For this deployment, CVG1 was comprised of VA-15, VF-12, VF-101, VF-174 and detachments from VC-33 (all-weather and night-fighters), VC-12 (airborne early warning), VC-62 (photo reconnaissance) and VC-4 (all-weather and special weapons delivery).

15 Jan 1955 - 16 Jan 1955 - Visited Capetown, South Africa.

27 Jan 1955 - 28 Jan 1955 - Visited Colombo, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka)

29 Jan 1955 - Departed Colombo and proceeded to the Formosa Strait to join Task Force 77 and participate in the evacuation of the Tachen Islands.

China Service Ribbon

Visited Subic Bay, Philippines once and Manila, Philippines four times.

22 Mar 1955 - Visited Hong Kong for five days.

Visited Yokosuka, Japan three times.

Operated for two weeks with the 41st Fighter Interceptor Squadron (USAF), flying F-86 Sabres, under the command of Major Clarence Dufresne of Laplace, LA, at Yokota Air Force Base, Japan.

F2H-2 Banshees (VF-101) over Mount Fuji

Visited Pearl Harbor, Hawaii for two days.

14 Jul 1955 - Docked at NAS Alameda, California. Departed the Midway and flew back to NAS Cecil Field, Fla.  The squadron mission was changed from fighter to attack, the squadron was renamed Attack Squadron 12 (VA-12) and began flying the F7U-3 Cutlass.

Mar '56 - Nov '56  Naval Air Technical Training Center, Memphis, TN
AT(A) School
AT(B) School

Apr '56 - Promoted to Aviation Machinist's Mate 2nd Class (AD2)

Nov '56 - Jul '57  Fighter Squadron 32 (VF-32)
NAS Cecil Field - Jacksonville, FL
flying F8U-1 Crusaders

Jul '57 - Jul '60  NAS North Island, San Diego, CA

Overhaul & Repair Flight Test Line
Flight-testing HSS1, HRS, HO4S, HUP2 and Bell helicopters

Security Investigations Department

Air Operations Department
Flying R4D, R4Y, JRB, S2F, T28 and TV aircraft.

National Defense Service Ribbon - two awards

Jul '60 - 17 Mar 1961  Composite Photographic Squadron 63 (VCP-63)
NAS Miramar, CA
Flying F8U-1P Crusaders, A3D-2P  Sky Warriors and A4D Skyhawks

Commissioned on 20 January 1949, as Composite Squadron Sixty-One, this unit was successively redesignated Fighter Photographic Squadron 61 (VFP-61) in July, 1956, and Composite Photographic Squadron Sixty-Three (VCP-63) on 1 July 1959. At that time, VCP-63 received A3D-2P Sky Warriors to complement its inventory of F8U-1P Crusaders. However, the photographic version of the Skywarrior was phased out after only two years with VCP-63, and the squadron's designation was changed to VFP-63 on 1 July 1961.


A3D Aircraft Photo

Apr '61 - Dec '62 Naval Station Sangley Point, Philippines

NS Sangley Point

Internal Security
Shore Patrol

Nov '61 - Promoted to Aviation Machinist's Mate 1st Class (ADR1)

Dec '62 - Jul '65 Training Squadron 2 (VT-2)
NAAS Whiting Field - Milton, FL
flying T28-B aircraft.


2 Aug 1965 - 22 Oct 1965   Naval Training Center, Bainbridge, Md.
MA School (Machine Accountant)

Oct '65 - Dec '65
Naval Station Norfolk, VA
Naval Air Station Jacksonville, FL

Dec '65 - Dec '68   Fleet Operations Control Center Pacific (FOCCPAC)
Kunia, HI

16 Nov 1966 - Promoted to Chief Machine Accountant (MAC)
(Machine Accountant was renamed Data Processing Technician (DP) in 1967)

Dec '68 - Jul '71   Navy Information Center, Pentagon (NAVIC)

Jul '71 - Sep '73   Staff, Commander Submarine Force Pacific (ComSubPac)
Pearl Harbor, HI

10 Sep 1973   Transfered to Fleet Reserve at NAS New Orleans

1 Nov 1981   Transfered to the retired list of the U.S. Navy

Navy Good Conduct Ribbon - 5 awards

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