Perilloux Family Genealogy


Allyson ALLEMAN [Parents].

Other marriages:
LOVETRO, Lance James

Lance James LOVETRO [Parents] was born on 5 May 1957. He died on 19 Aug 1987. He was buried on 21 Aug 1987 in SCB Mausoleum, Destrehan. Lance married Allyson ALLEMAN.


Allyson ALLEMAN [Parents].

Other marriages:

They had the following children.

  F i Lindsay LOVETRO.
  F ii Blaine Katherine LOVETRO.

Earl James ALLEMAN Sr was born on 15 Dec 1919 in McCall, LA. He died on 20 Apr 2005 in Jefferson, LA. He was buried on 22 Apr 2005 in SCB Mausoleum, Destrehan. Earl married Carolyn CAMBRE.


Carolyn CAMBRE [Parents].

They had the following children.

  F i Allyson ALLEMAN.
  F ii Beth ALLEMAN.
  F iii Debra ALLEMAN.
  M iv Earl James ALLEMAN Jr..
  F v JoAnn Catherine ALLEMAN.
  F vi Kay ALLEMAN.
  F vii Nancy ALLEMAN.
  M viii Reed Michael ALLEMAN.

Robert RAMSEY Jr..

Beth ALLEMAN [Parents].

George WILSON Jr.

Debra ALLEMAN [Parents].

Rodney James ROUSSELL [Parents] was born on 1 Nov 1930 in New Orleans, LA. He died on 1 Apr 2002 in Kenner, LA. He was buried on 5 Apr 2002 in Lake Lawn Park Mausoleum, Metairie, LA. Rodney married Doris Marie ALLEMAN.


Doris Marie ALLEMAN.

They had the following children.

  F i Charlene ROUSSELL.
  F ii Darlene ROUSSELL.
  F iii Dawn ROUSSELL.


JoAnn Catherine ALLEMAN [Parents].

William PIETRI Jr..

Kay ALLEMAN [Parents].

John SEVO.

Nancy ALLEMAN [Parents].

George Numa MONTZ [Parents] was born on 18 Dec 1877 in Lions, LA. He died on 31 Oct 1957 in Laplace, LA. George married Albertine ALLEMAND.


Albertine ALLEMAND was born on 15 Oct 1897. She died on 24 Nov 1918. Albertine married George Numa MONTZ.


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