South Louisiana Music

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The following MIDIS are what I call South Louisiana music, what my good friend Neil Madere called belly-rubbing music and Marvin Vicknair calls belt buckle-shining music. Sally Lightfoot says this is the music her crowd danced the Sulphur Shuffle to.  AccordionMan calls it Swamp Pop. Whatever you want to call it, if you go into any honkytonk from Opelousas south to Grand Isle on a Friday or Saturday night, you'll find local bands playing these tunes, in this style. The rest of the week you'll find customers dancing to these tunes on the jukebox. This style of music came to south Louisiana in the late 1940s and early 1950s and never left.  Get yourself a cold beer and enjoy the music.

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This Time   sequenced by Gilles Paul
One Night With You   sequenced by Redsal
Oh! Darling
Baby, Heaven Sent Me You   sequenced by Chuck Duklis
Bells Will Be Ringing sequenced by OnNTwo
I'm Sorry   sequenced by Don Carroll
Just Because   sequenced by Redsal
Lost In The '50s Tonight sequenced by K-Vaughn-B
Wasted Days And Wasted Nights   sequenced by Rimfire
One Kiss For Old Times' Sake   sequenced by Gilles Paul
One Night With You Terry White Band
Only You   sequenced by Lenssens-Wynen Roger
Right Or Wrong   sequenced by Gilles Paul
Sea Cruise   sequenced by Rimfire
Sea Of Love   sequenced by RedSal
Send Me Some Lovin'   sequenced by Redsal
Since I Met You Baby   sequenced by Chuck Duklis
16 Candles sequenced by Gilles Paul
Tell It Like It Is sequenced by Xavi Bech
This Should Go On Forever sequenced by George Cadero
This Should Go On Forever Rod Bernard
Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star sequenced by Wes Reed
The Diary sequenced by Gilles Paul
Love Me sequenced by Jean Jacques Duguay
Walking To New Orleans sequenced by Gilles-Paul Page
I'm Leaving It All Up To You Tanya Tucker and Tom Jones
Your Cheating Heart sequenced by Jacques Jean
Beneath Still Waters sequenced by Dave Oliver

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