Jacques Oscar Perilloux
18 Jul 1833 - 1 Dec 1877
Great-great-grandson of Jacques Perioux
Great grandfather of Gerald Perilloux

Felix Perilloux
9 Mar 1840 - 15 Dec 1902
Great-great-grandson of Jacques Perioux
Son of Louis Zephirin Perilloux and Marie Honorine Rodrigue

Felix Didier Perilloux
11 Oct 1868 - 12 Feb 1938
Son of Felix Perilloux and Myrthee Froisy

Marie Cecile Perilloux
17 Jul 1878 - 4 May 1924
Daughter of Felix Perilloux and Myrthee Froisy

Felix Perilloux and his second wife, Louise Madere

Zephirin Louis Perilloux, son of Felix Perilloux and Louise Madere,
and his wife,
Vivian Marie Cambre

Charles Perilloux, son of Zephirin and Vivian Cambre Perilloux
20 Jun 1914 - 13 Dec 2006

Louis Hypolite Perilloux, his mother, Josephine Brunette Perilloux, and probably his sister, Florence Perilloux, about 1903

Louis Hypolite Perilloux, his wife, Ella Arnold Perilloux, and probably their daughter, Clara Bell Perilloux, about 1936

Front row left - Mamie Perrilloux. Back row left - Viola Edwards Perilloux holding (probably) Lucille Perrilloux. Tall lady in center - Inez Lenel. Girl on right - Bertha Lenel. Picture probably from about 1925 in Bedico, LA.

walter and viola perilloux

L to R front row - Walter B. Perilloux, Viola Edwards Perilloux. Lady holding baby - Pearl Yvonne Perrilloux Appleton?
Who's the little girl, the little boy and the baby - Linda, Benny Jr and Shirley Appleton?

Edna, Jerry, Lucille

Edna Dewitt Perrilloux, Jerry Blow and Lucille Perrilloux Blow
about 1949

English Roy Perrilloux, Robert Vining, Mamie Perrilloux Vining


Agnes, Alma and Charles Ransom Perrilloux

helen perrilloux
Helen Perrilloux Dean Murphy